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Magic Mind Reader (Android App) Demo

Developed by Ifras & Shareek.

Magical mind reader App ka secret

Namaskar Dosto sabse Pahale aap sabhi ko thanks bolna Chahta Hoon ki aapne Hamara ya video dekha Dosto Is video mein jo bhi main aap ko dikhaiye hai ...

iPhone APP - Read Minds and do Card Tricks!

Enjoy some fun Card Trick/Mind Reading street magic using the A.I. Magic App. Get it http://bit.ly/phonemagic and start doing some mind reading today! This app ...

Android app lets you read minds -how to do this psychic, mentalist magic trick

Learn how to astonish your friends with this amazing mentalism, mind reading, psychic magic trick. Download this Android app and become a mind reader.

Mind Reader Android phone magic trick

A demo of a magic trick performed using an android phone. The magician can read a spectator's mind, and the spectator can read the magician's mind too.

"Magic - Eye" BEST Mind-Reading Trick (Magic Trick Apps for iPhone & iPod Touch)

http://iPhoneStreetMagic.com - I can read your mind over the internet with "Magic - Eye", the new street magic trick app for your iPhone & iPod Touch. (Note: I ...

Magical Mind Reader! A app which can read your mind. (Can't belive)

WoW!!! ||This is Magical application in android|| This is mind reader application

Guide you to step by step.... l.Chose any two digit number. 2.Add both digit together . 3.Subtract the total from the original number. for Example: if chosen number ...

ADYTON (1) - Best Magic Trick App of 2017 ( Mentalism, Mind Reading, Card Trick iOS App)

The Best Magic Trick iOS App of 2017* Welcome to the next step of mind reading magic, Adyton! A sneak peek of the Adyton's performance! ADYTON is the ...

AR Mind Reader - Magic Trick using 3D Augmented Reality (Teaser)

Here's a teaser video for my new iPhone magic app, AR Mind Reader. A video with more details will be coming soon. By incorporating the techniques of a ...

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